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Bliss Kape

Elevate your coffee experience with Bliss Kape - a symphony of flavors crafted from nature's finest. Embrace the richness, savors the uniqueness and make every sip counts.

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Enchant Beauty Collagen

Unleash your inner glow and vitality with our Enchant Beauty, design to nourish your skin, boost metabolism and elevate your overall well-being for vibrant, confident you!

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Revitalize your life with The Super Herb's unique combination of Rauvolfia, Lagerstroemia and Blumea -your essential trio for a healthier tomorrow.

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Bliss Cee

Boost your immunity and radiate wellness with Bliss Cee + Zinc, fortified with guava powder for naturally blissful way to stay healthy.

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B'life Herbal Pads

Double the freshness, double the confidence.

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Beauty Glow

Elevate your beauty routine with Beauty Glow Cushion Cream, a multitasking wonder that hydrates, brightens and perfects for a lit-from-within glow.

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Lip Care

Discover the secret to kissably soft lips with our Lip Care, formulated to replenish moisture and restore vitality, leaving lips irresistably smooth and radiant.

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Bliss Oil & Bliss Balm

Embrace the luxurious indulge of Bliss Herbal Oil, your key to silky-smooth skin and Blissful relaxation.

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Bliss Perfume

A Scent of Elegance you can't resist.

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About US


BLISS Manufacturing Corporation is a company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in September 2021.The Company officially started its operation on January 2022 and has its corporate office located in Digos City, Philippines. The company produces, distributes and sells natural food supplements, herbal drink, herbal balm & oil, and perfumes. It is also engaged in the importation and distribution of herbal pads, lip care and beauty glow.

Our Products are produced from only the finest ingredients and the latest technology to ensure that they are safe and effective. Our products include The Super Herb Rauvolfia, Bliss Cee Sodium Ascorbate with Zinc, Bliss Kape, Bliss Herbal Oil, Bliss Herbal Balm, Men’s & Women’s Parfum, B’LIFE Herbal Pads, Lip Care, Beauty Glow and Enchant Beauty Collagen.

We commit to provide high-quality, natural products that can help improve the health, beauty and well-being of its customers at a reasonable price. We also commit to promote sustainable and ethical business practices to contribute to the betterment of society and the environment. We aim to become a leading provider of natural health and wellness products in the Philippines and beyond. The company is dedicated to promoting the use of natural remedies and supplements as a way to achieve optimal health and well-being. Whether you are looking to boost your immune system, alleviate pain and discomfort or improve your overall health, BLISS has the products you need, to help achieve your goals.

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■ To produce an affordable product without compromising its quality for all Filipinos.
■ To provide a platform where anyone can join and believe that everything is still possible in this life.


■ To reach out every households in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao with BLISS products.
■ To train everyone who believes the value of entrepreneurship and good business ethics.


Better products and services
Life building commitment
Integrity and never compromise
Serve and not to be served
Share the blessings